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To Dillieblues

October 3rd 2009

Today I went thru something i never wanted to do in my life time.
I Write this after watching my Mother  Die in front of me as I see
Her take her last breath.  I Knew over the last two years her time
was coming soon since her health had been getting worse little
by little.  I've been having trouble sleeping each night since with
me seeing her taking that last breath over and over again and some-
times not being able to sleep at all. I Thought at one time in my life i could say how the people Ive met in the Southern United States had Compassion, well Some do and then some dont, only thinking of them selves. Today I Start looking at the people of the world in a different way and now will only take care of my Family and Myself.  Even To Many Friends I have met along the way Life to many I've known has been a game. I Pray for those who have turned away from me and My family. I Also thank the Lord For those who havent and You know which side your on. God Bless For Now!
**Lt Orion**

May 9th 2010
To All Those Great Mothers Out There
Thankyou For All You Do
For Your Children!
I Am Thankful For Who My Mother
Was & What She Did For Me
My Whole Life Thru.
To My Mother
I Love You Mom
Always & Forever
Happy Mothers Day!


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